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Деловой английский PDF Друк e-mail
Вівторок, 28 серпня 2018, 11:51

Деловой английский

Деловой английский: учеб. / Н. А. Андреева [и др.]; отв. ред. Л. С. Пичкова. — М. : Проспект, 2010. — 1008 с.

ISBN 978-5-392-01105-6

Учебник, подготовленный преподавателями МГИМО (У) МИД РФ, позволяет развивать и совершенствовать языковые навыки, необходимые в современном деловом мире. Акцент сделан на развитие навыков аналитического чтения; составление деловых писем, контрактов и ведение переговоров. Учебник не имеет аналогов, поскольку включает впервые разработанные разделы, такие как электронная переписка, меморандумы и другие.

Для студентов, аспирантов и преподавателей, а также всех, кто использует английский язык в повседневной деловой практике.

Oxford English for Computing PDF Друк e-mail
Вівторок, 28 серпня 2018, 11:29

Oxford English for Computing

Boeckner, Keith

Oxford English for Computing / Keith Boeckner, P. Charles Brown. – Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2005. – 212 с. + CD . – ISBN 0-19-457387-7

Oxford English for Computing

This intermediate course is for people studying Computer Science or working with computers. It is suitable for use in universities, colleges, technical schools, and in-company training programmes. It can be used for self-study in conjunction with the Answer Book.

Student's Book

There are a range of authentic texts and listening activities covering everything from the latest applications of computertechnology – such as the use of virtual reality in industry-to the underlying computer processes and components. The course aims to develop all four skills, with special emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and grammatical accuracy. The Student's Book contains a special letter-writing section and a comprehensive glossary of computing terminology.

The cassette contains the dialogues from all the units, as well as several of the reading passages.

Answer Book

The Answer Book contains a key to the tasks and exercises, the tapescripts, and useful unit-by-unit teaching notes.

International marketing strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation PDF Друк e-mail
Вівторок, 28 серпня 2018, 08:00
International marketing strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation

Doole, Isobel

International marketing strategy [Текст] : Analysis, Development and Implementation / Isobel Doole, Robin Lowe, Chris Phillips. – London : International thomson business press, 1994. – 508 p. – ISBN 0-415-08985-9.

This major new text explains and analyses the key strategies and techniques in international marketing from identifying and analysing opportunities to their strategic development and implementation. It combines a strong theoretical underpinning with many practical examples spread throughout the text, and it features detailed cases that integrate these concepts and illustrate their managerial implications.

The authors look at a range of industries from the service sector and consumer products to heavy industry and new technologies, across a range of countries from Europe, America, Australasia and Africa. They consider both individual consumers and business to business marketing and tackle growing issues such as ethics, culture and newly emerging markets in the international marketing environment.

This book has been carefully designed to lead the reader through the topics and is divided into three parts. Each part offers:
  • learning objectives
  • boxed illustrations
  • discussion questions
  • a specially focused issue
  • cases with questions and comments
  • a special focus case
  • summary cases with questions and comments

Designed for students following the Chartered Institute of Marketing syllabus, this book will be ideal for all managers taking СІМ exams as well as those working on masters programmes and for final year undergraduate students of marketing and management.

Isobel Doole is Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Sheffield Business School. Robin Lowe is Senior Lecturer in Marketing, also at Sheffield Business School. The late Chris Phillips was Associate Head of the European Business Centre, Nottingham Business School and Senior Examiner of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Managerial economics PDF Друк e-mail
Четвер, 26 липня 2018, 10:05

Managerial economics

Maurice, S. Charles.

Managerial economics. — 5th ed. / S. Charles Maurice, Christopher R. Thomas.

p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 0-256-16055-4

1. Managerial economics. I. Thomas, Christopher R. II. Title.


1995 338.5'024658—dc20          94-26272

Managerial Economics is essentially an economics text designed especially for business students. A majority of students, including both undergraduates and students in MBA programs, will enroll in courses with the same title as this book. However, many instructors and students use this text for courses in applied microeconomics.

This text can stand alone in the sense that it contains all of the principles of microeconomics theory needed to understand specific managerial economics concepts; no supplemental text is necessary. By presenting the basic theory and the specific managerial economics constructs together, we demonstrate that managerial economics is simply an application of microeconomics.

Global marketing: foreign entry, local marketing, and global management PDF Друк e-mail
Четвер, 26 липня 2018, 09:45

Global marketing: foreign entry, local marketing, and global management

Johansson, Johny К.

Global marketing : foreign entry, local marketing, and global management /Johny K. Johansson. — 2nd ed.

p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 0-07-365863-4

1. Export marketing. 2. Export marketing — Management. I. Title.

HF1416.J63 2000                     99-33630


Global marketing is one of the most exciting fields of business today — but also one of the most challenging. This goes not only for working in it or learning about it, but also for teaching it. It requires not only a good grasp of marketing principles and an understanding of the global environment, but also how the two interact, that is, how the environment impacts the applicability- of the marketing principles. Good marketing might be good marketing everywhere — but this does not mean it is necessarily the same.

The challenge when writing a text in global marketing is how to avoid being overwhelmed by all the curious and amazing differences in the marketing environment in foreign countries. These differences make things fun and enjoyable — but also frustrating, since after a while it is difficult to see if any progress has been made. It is to see the forest for the trees. The key is to focus on the marketing decisions that have to be made — and then deal with those environmental factors which directly imp-act those decisions. This is the approach taken in this text. It discusses the complexities of global marketing and clarifies the managerial roles involved, without getting bop down by the many environmental issues which are only marginally relevant.

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