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Oxford English for Computing

Boeckner, Keith

Oxford English for Computing / Keith Boeckner, P. Charles Brown. – Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2005. – 212 с. + CD . – ISBN 0-19-457387-7

Oxford English for Computing

This intermediate course is for people studying Computer Science or working with computers. It is suitable for use in universities, colleges, technical schools, and in-company training programmes. It can be used for self-study in conjunction with the Answer Book.

Student's Book

There are a range of authentic texts and listening activities covering everything from the latest applications of computertechnology – such as the use of virtual reality in industry-to the underlying computer processes and components. The course aims to develop all four skills, with special emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and grammatical accuracy. The Student's Book contains a special letter-writing section and a comprehensive glossary of computing terminology.

The cassette contains the dialogues from all the units, as well as several of the reading passages.

Answer Book

The Answer Book contains a key to the tasks and exercises, the tapescripts, and useful unit-by-unit teaching notes.

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